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Wine trainings

Sparkling wine ABC
349€ *

Let’s try and learn to distinguish different styles and main appellations of sparkling wine.

Wine ABC
349€ *

A comprehensive introduction to the world of wine. We learn to taste and evaluate different wines.

Italian wines
349€ *

A deeper inside look at the prestigious Italian wine regions and wines.

The recommended number of participants for one training is up to ten people.
For a larger group, please make a separate price request according to the number of people attending.

The approximate duration of a training is 1,5-2 hours.
6 different wines are tasted during the training.

Wine trainings are conducted by Prike’s wine expert, either Hannes Aedla or Sander Kink.

* Given prices are valid within the city of Tallinn, at customer’s venue.
The cost of transportation is added to trainings held outside of town.